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A special strength of MDS Messbau is the trade show logistics and the trade show transport. We own a vehicle pool which is uncommon for our business sector and can therefore almost avoid the use of other freight forwarders. This allows us a reliable and economically efficient trade show logistic on time.

Our vehicle pool with four MAN trucks (up to 40 tons) with BDF-system for loading swap bodies is always available or the transport of trade show booth materials and costumer exhibits. Furthermore, we own 33 swap bodies (7.45 meters). Those are approved for the intermodal transportation and can be loaded on trains of Deutsche Bahn. This is not only fast and sustainable but also economically efficient because of the fact that transportation by train cost significantly less than transportation by trucks. At this point we benefit from the excellent location close to Hamburg. With the big good stations in Hamburg we can reach destinations in whole Germany and Europe in a cost-effective way.

In addition to the trade show booth materials we also transport a huge amount of customer exhibits to the exhibition areas. We are one of the few licensed trade show constructors who owns a license for goods traffic and who is allowed to transport machines and exhibits of its clients. Thus we can bundle the transport of trade show booth materials, exhibits as well as advertising materials, plan accurate time schedules and to guarantee the delivery at the exhibition area in time.

Our trucks own a tail lift. This helps to save costs because no forklift needs to be rented from the fair forwarding agency to unload and upload. Additionally, empty containers can be stored charge free on the swap bodies to avoid expansive storage by the fair forwarding agency. Swap bodies stay on-site during the trade show and will be used for the removal. This again saves costs and protects the environment.

Our vehicle pool also includes a VW Crafter (up to 3.5 tons) with a high roof storage and box trailer (up to 3.5 tons). We execute the trade show transport with transport container, transport boxes and station wagons up to 40 tons.

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