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Trade show booth to rent

Additionally to the expressiveness and functionality of your trade show appearance also the economic effectiveness is very important. Therefore it is useful to compare the advantages and disadvantages of a trade show booth to rent with one to purchase. The majority of exhibitors choose a trade show booth to rent. This basic decision depends on your preferences and on the situation of your company.

The biggest advantages of a trade show booth to rent in comparison to one to purchase are the comparably lower costs. Firstly, the initial costs are lower and, secondly, all other costs for transportation boxes, storage and maintenance are dropped. A trade show booth to rent gives you the opportunity to comply with your trade show budget but nevertheless does not neglect individualization. Your trade show booth can be created individually with wall covering, interior walls, textile cubes or other graphic designs. With our carpentry as well as our services in graphic design, electrical engineering, metal technology and sound, video and light technology we try to realize all your wishes and ideas.

An additional plus point for the trade show booth to rent is its flexibility. Any form and size are possible. Moreover, the trade show booth can be varied from trade show to trade show. Especially as trade show newcomer the trade show booth to rent give you the possibility that the trade show concept and trade show design stay modifiable. It is possible to try several concepts in practice.

Even if you use a trade show booth to rent for several shows in a year it is still economically efficient because it can be adapted to the various circumstances. Whether head, inline or corner booth we can adjust the material quantity during the commission to all circumstance with no need for investments like it would be the case with a trade show booth to purchase. With our system and modular constructions we are able to compile materials flexibly and individually for you. Also the equipment can be adapted to the different circumstances.

Because of the fact that preferences and circumstance are different for every company and other costs and benefits arise we gladly consult you concerning your decision.

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