Planning of trade show booth

Trade show booth to purchase

There are several forms of trade show booths which differ concerning economic efficiency and application possibilities. In addition to the trade show booth to rent we offer numerous variations of trade show systems to purchase.

The mobile trade show systems exist in very small up to big designs. So banner displays are available in numerous sizes and with different weight. Flexibility and height adjustment mark banner displays. Some can also be connected through small magnets and most of the banners can be illuminated. Moreover, there are quickly extendible roll ups also in extra high and large designs.

In addition to banners and display, your message can also be applied as graphics on information counters or various other forms of counters. We offer mobile trade show system which can easily be assembled and disassembled like information counters, hexagon counters, rectangle counters and presentation walls.

Your flyers and brochures can be presented in foldable product displays or handy brochure frames.

Because of the fact that preferences and circumstances are different for every company and other costs and benefits arise we gladly consult you concerning your decision.

Stand construction in Germany and Europe

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