Trade show systems for stand construction


Rigging describes the hanging of loads with cross beams from the hall ceiling. The use of cross beams offers a secure and easily installed supporting structure and assembly construction. The cross beams can be equipped with a power rail and hereby enable a time saving and cost efficient installation of your trade show appearance. Regarding the installation of our construction we especially pay attention to stability in order to guarantee the safety of your trade show booth.

The cross beams can be used to install sound or video technology. Also advertising banners, light technology or textile construction can be assembled.

Security is granted through the sufficient number of rigging connectors. We always have enough rigging material in stock and can fulfill all the different requirements of the trade shows.

We take on all steps from calculations, to construction and the order of the right number of hanging points for the cross beams. Therefore, we also create technical drawings and attach them to your order. Please note that the bill from the trade show for the hanging points is sent to the exhibitor even if we fix the order for you.

Stand construction: efficient and sustainable

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