Stand construction with carpentry

Panel cutting

One of the main tasks of our carpentry is panel cutting. This includes the work with different kinds of panels:

  • Decorative chipboard
  • Flat pressed boards
  • MDF Panels
  • OSB Panels
  • Plywood
  • Plastic plates
  • Acrylic plates

The panel cutting is done by our horizontal panel saw by Holzma. The machine is computer controlled and up to one tenth exact. The panel saw has different programs for various panels like acryl or wood and can perform several cuttings in one step.

Holzma has a lift for a package of panels which pushes the panels on the saw bench one after another. The saw bench has air cushions which allow moving the panels easily on the table. This is not only smooth and efficient but also protects the panels from scratches.

The panel saw has a camera-controlled scoring saw and a main saw. As a first step the scoring saw cuts the panels 2 cm from below. On average 20m² panels can be cut and trimmed per hour. With the horizontal panel saw it is also possible to work on several panels one above another.

The majority of panel cuttings are used for wall covering and filer plates for different trade show booths.

For further processing of the customized panels we have two final trimming saws. Those are mainly used to cut miters and to produce small items.

Our horizontal panel saw is a modern tool and able to cut finely and precisely. This marks our excellent quality. The Holzma achieves excellent results which would not be possible with a conventional final trimming saw.

Saw blades of stand contruction-carpentry

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