Planning of trade show booth

Graphic design

In addition to drafting and developing your trade show design our services also include our in-house graphic design. This serves an ideal design of your trade show appearance. Part of our service is the creation of the graphic design for your trade show booth beginning with a draft as far as the production of the graphics.

Our two graphic designer gladly work together with you and create a nice design for your trade show booth from your logos and photos. They develop a suitable layout consisting of a graphic proposal and a rendering for visualization. Hereby consultation and drafts regarding your graphic design go hand in hand with the overall booth design. For an optimized result our media designers process your print data and create a final artwork.

In addition to the concept and layout we also take on the production of your trade show graphics. Our labelling studio owns a foil plotter which can be used for printing logos or lettering. As foil writings we can create various forms of lettering for example on vehicles or trucks. Also outdoor advertising signs are no problem for us.

Our digital printers make also large format printing possible for chipboard laminates as well as for textile printing. Our media designers compile your production data and forward those to our labelling studio. We also produce advertising materials like flyers or business cards for you. Afterwards those are sealed with a protective laminate to secure high quality.

Through our in-house production there is no dispatch time and we can react flexibly and quickly to your requests and wishes. Moreover, we have an overview on working hours and free capacities and are able to comply with tight time schedules. After the trade show we take on the storage of your graphics to the next trade show appearance.

To facilitate your work and to guarantee a smooth handling of your files we created an overview with several points concerning our different programs and the data that is required for those. You find this overview in the PDF-file “Data Sheet”.

Foils for trade show graphics

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