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Regarding trade show booths with glass elements we mainly use single-pane safety glass and laminated safety glass. We gladly explain the characteristics and main differences to you.

Single-pane safety glass consists of a single heat treated glass panel. During the production the glass is heated up to its transformation temperature and immediately cooled down. Through this procedure it becomes safety glass. The single-pane safety glass is under compressive stress and has in comparison to flat glass a higher impact and shock resistance. In the event that glass breaks it decays into small pieces. This lowers the risk of injuries compared to flat glass. With single-pane safety glass the edges can be grinded and the glass can be cut and drilled.

Laminated safety glass consists of two glass panels which are connected through a tear-resistant foil. The foil mainly increases security. The glasses impede breakdowns and in the case that the glass breaks the splitters stick to the foil. Because of the fact that it is difficult to work with the glass glued to the foil the glass panels needs to be cut and modeled before.  Through the preparation before the foiling the laminated safety glass can be used in many different ways and it can even be bent and be used for constructive structures. As a reason of safety only laminated safety glass can be used in heights above head level.

Furthermore, it is possible to use acryl glass – often called Plexiglas. But this is only occasionally possible and it is very important to know the different provision and requirements of the trade show organizer. We gladly consult you with our expertise and knowledge concerning this matter.

A special feature of our service is the safe transport of your glass element to the exhibition area. We put main emphasis on a suitable and sufficient packaging and guarantee that your glass arrives at the exhibition safely and intact.

Edges for the stand construction

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