Trade show systems for stand construction

Frame construction

For the construction of trade show booth systems we often use frames. The frames create the basic construction and will thereafter be covered. This guarantees an efficient and economic construction which in the end leads to a winning design. Normally trade show constructors buy those systems and frames. MDS Messebau und Service produces its own Fobema-frames. Therefore two machines are available: an edge bander and a machine to laminate panels.

With our machine to laminate panel, called Friz, we laminate plywood panels. Afterwards those are used for Fobema-frames or as movable walls. This ensures that frames as well as walls have the same color.

Friz has a 70°C heating plat which warms up wood as well as foil. As a next step industrial glue is applied onto the foil. Under normal circumstances contact glues must be applied on both sides. But for the fact that the foil is pressed onto the panel with very high pressure it is possible to skip this step. In the end a sharp knife cuts the foil. The small pallet rails ensure a gentle and fast handling of the panels. The machine is able to process about 5 meters in one minute. As a last work step the excessive foil sticking out has to be cut.

With the help of the edge bander around 500 frames can be glued in a week. Afterwards the frames are stored and are available any time in a sufficient quantity. The production is planned by us in a way that avoids any delay through waiting times within the production.

Stand construction: efficient and sustainable

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