Efficient planning of the trade show booth


As commissioning we understand the packing of trade show booths. What might sound so easy is actually a demanding logistical task and the basis for a successful and smooth installation of your trade show booth.

Commissioning already starts with the detailed planning of the trade show transport in which considerations are made for which materials need to be on what trade show. Not until then the packing of the trade show booth starts.

Besides the secure packing of the trade show booth materials also tools and assembling aids need to be packed according to the demands and circumstances on the exhibition grounds. Not to forget: paperwork for the entry as well as moots for the construction and installation of trade show graphics, sound, light and video technology. With our great experience we know the specific requirements of every national and international exhibition ground and put all the necessary documents together to avoid any delays.

A special strength of MDS Messebau is the direct communication between foremen, illustrators, graphic designers and salesmen. Because of the fact that all work steps are done within our company information can directly be forwarded or exchanged. So an optimized coordination between planning, productions and installations is secured.

MDS Messebau: trade show booths in Germany and Europe

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