Start MDS Messebau und Service GmbH 1979

Company building 1983

MDS Messebau und Service GmbH 1987

Sustainable trade fair construction as early as 1988

3. Generationen Messebauer

Company building 1998

November 1978:company is founded by Klaus and Karin Niemann
January 1979:construction of the first trade show booth for TESCOHA Tapeten for the trade show SWISS in Basel
February/March 1979:first office opens at Vaenser Weg 103 in 21244 Buchholz with two full-time employees
In the late summer of 1979:construction for the company’s new headquarters begins in Gildestr. 6 in 21244 Buchholz
1983-1987:company is expanded by two warehouses and a workshop with office building
October 1985:Karsten Niemann joins MDS Messebau
1988:MDS Messebau und Service employs a staff of 16 full-time employees with an upward trend

Change to eco-friendly transportation with swap bodies for trains

1993:the fourth warehouse with an office on the second floor is built
1997:the partners decide on the construction of a modern and forward-looking headquarters in Brauerstr. 11 in 21244 Buchholz 
1998:construction begins on April 1; move-in is on December 1. The property spans 15,800 sq m, the commercial area spans 4,700 sq m.
November 2004:the biggest photovoltaic system of northern Germany, comprising a total of 992 monocrystalline PV modules, is installed on the roof of the company’s building. Total capacity: 163.9 KW/h
January 2005:the PV system is connected to the public grid of the Buchholz municipal utilities, feed-in starts
2009:Klaus and Karin Niemann retire and transfer 100% of the partner’s interest shares to Karsten Niemann
2010:the fleet is converted to low-emission Euro 5 vehicles
2011:Vanessa Niemann, as the first representative of the third generation, joins the family business

Nicole Niemann receives 15% of the partner’s interest shares and thus is made partner. Acquisition of Europe’s biggest ROLLSROLLER and a new edgebander. Construction on a new warehouse begins. By now, MDS Messebau has 50 full-time employees

January 2014

After half year construction the new 1200m²-storage hall is completed

January 2015

Our old Actros truck is replaced by a new MAN truck belonging to the Euro6 class. Our vehicle tool became even more modern and eco-friendly.

June 2018Death of the company founder Klaus Niemann.
December 2018The truck fleet is completely converted to Euro 6 through the purchase of two new MANs
August 2019Vanessa Niemann leaves the company
February 2020first trade fairs are cancelled due to the Corona pandemic.
March 2020Trade fairs are banned, for the first time in our company history we have to announce short-time work.
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