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Climate-friendly booth construction for trade shows

The topic of climate protection in the area of trade show booth construction seems to be booming at the moment! Recently, more and more reports of climate-neutral trade show booths through certificates from climate protection projects have been showing up. We were somewhat surprised to read reports about booth builders who offer their customers the service of having their trade show booths emissions calculated by partner firms and the purchase of certificates, but who themselves do little to reduce the burden on the environment. For us, a competitive disadvantage seems to be looming: 

For years, environmental protection has been a matter of course for MDS - only we don't talk about it!

Instead of merely calculating CO₂ emissions and accepting them as residual emissions, MDS Messebau und Service GmbH has for years been focusing on consistent and concrete reduction of its own emissions. We are reducing greenhouse gas emissions in areas that we can influence through environmentally responsible action and have sustainably integrated climate protection into all corporate processes.

Clean production


As early as 2004, MDS Messebau commissioned what was then the largest solar plant in northern Germany in Buchholz. It produces approx. 16,0000 kWh of electricity every year and relieves the environment by at least 100 tons of CO₂. In 2022, we generated 16,8143 kWh of electricity with our solar plant. We only need 60% of this electricity generation for our own operations, the rest is fed into the public grid. Everything we produce at Brauerstrasse 11 in Buchholz is done with clean electricity.

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Swap bodies via Kombiverkehr

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percent CO2 in transport compared to road transport

Green logistics


Since 2001, we have been transporting the majority of our booth construction material by rail with the help of Kombiverkehr/Hellmann. 

This means that our trucks only make one trip to each trade show, avoiding unnecessary journeys or even empty runs. In 2019, a total of 172 MDS swap trailers were transported to European trade show venues by rail, rather than road. This alone brings a savings in CO₂ emissions of 169 tons (according to the "Kombiverkehr" emissions calculator), not forgetting the associated reduction in nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxides and particulate matter.

During the trade show, both our truck and our swap trailers remain on or next to the trade show grounds and can also serve as storage for our empties. CO₂ is then saved in the same way on the return transport.

Messebau in Stuttgart anlässlich der LogiMAT, Motek, Bondexpo

Our environmental balance 2019

MDS Messebau und Service has built 12,935 m² of trade show booths in 2019.

1,000 m² of built trade show booths produce an average of 47 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. As a result, we and our customers would be responsible for harmful emissions of 607.85 tons of CO₂ in 2019. However, we have now been able to save 140 tons of this through our own electricity production and 169 tons of carbon dioxide through environmentally friendly transport. This means that we now emit only 298.85 tons of pollutants, a savings of over 50% compared with our competitors. Our calculations do not yet include all the factors that have been a matter of course for us since the company was founded, but which are difficult to specifically calculate in terms of their impact on the environment:

  1. The use of recyclable trade show materials through systems construction.
  2. heating our entire company building with low-temperature floor heating, which even heats our warehouse in an energy-saving manner.
  3. Constant upgrading of our PCs, monitors and computers to energy-saving models.

MDS goes e-mobility

Our management is incredibly interested in new technologies and so we added the first fully electric vehicle to our fleet at the beginning of 2022. Since then, the fleet has grown to three fully electric vehicles and one hybrid vehicle as of today (April 2024). A wallbox was also installed so that the energy from the solar system can be used directly for the e-cars. We can proudly say that our fleet is also one of the cleanest in our industry. 

How can we offer trade show booth materials sustainably?

We are pushing the envelope in terms of sustainability when it comes to our textile banners. Our "GreenTex" print material is 100% PVC free, with the rubber piping made from 100% recycled PVC. In addition, we have in our portfolio mesh materials and print materials made from 100% recycled marine plastics.

Carpeting can be supplied in closed loop upon request. The qualities "Rips", "Flachfilz" and "Velours" can be purchased and installed in a cradle to cradle certified fashion. At the same time, we know exactly where this carpet is produced and where it is recycled after the show.

For trade show booths, we only use real plants from a nursery here in the county, and completely do without plastics when it comes to your booth planting.

When disposing of trade show components that can no longer be reused, we also strictly ensure that they are separated by type and disposed of in a certified manner by our waste management company.

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